Acute Pain

Acute Pain is defined as pain that has developed within the last month, weeks, or days.

• Shingles
• Slipped Disc
• Post-Surgical Pain
• Whip-Lash Pain
• Acute Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy

Chronic Pain

Chronic Pain is defined as pain that has existed with roughly the same gravity and intensity for at least six months.

• Back Pain/Herniated Discs/Spinal
• Spinal Stenosis/Failed Back Syndrome
• Neck Pain
• Complex Regional Pain Disorder/ Causalgia/Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy
• Headaches
• Knee Pain/Hip Pain/Elbow Pain arthritis
• Phantom Limb Pain
• Myofacial Pain/Fibromyalgia
• Multiple Sclerosis Pain/Spasticity
• Cancer Pain (may result from the cancer itself or from chemo and radiation therapy)
• Chronic Abdominal Pain
• Post Herpetic Neuralgia/Shingles Pain
• Diabetic Neuropathy/ Foot Pain
• Any other difficult pain problems